MicroGovernance with Small Groups, Guilds, and DVCs

Aave Improvement Proposal on Snapshot.org
  • Keeping all critical communication and decision making fully transparent in open calls that can be joined and observed by anyone
  • Proving the amount of voting power they have available to make it possible to assess how serious a committee should be taken and to what extent they can actually sway votes
  • Be self administered through an internal, independent decision making process
  • Focus on particular areas of expertise or interest that they can reasonably analyze and comprehend at levels approaching the Core Units
  • Receive no compensation and have no direct special privileges in the governance process beyond their interests as MKR holders.
  • [Other MakerDAO specific principles]
  • Generate governance recommendations and Improvement Proposals
  • Generate opinions about existing Improvement Proposals
  • Local leaders are crucial to the success of any initiative, DeFi, Climate, or otherwise. Note the key term “human touch”, which is often limited to Discord in the current DAO system
  • Decisions are no longer just code merges or budget, its bringing people into the ecosystem and providing opportunities with assets, Dojo-style
  • Read more about YGG scholarships
  • DAOs can’t be flat, its intrinsically not ungameable
  • Draw on TIST Small Groups, Cluster, Leadership hierarchy
  • Resulting governance boundaries and ability to make contained decisions of varying gravity
  • Structure as a collection of Guilds, or small socially accountable groups rolled into thematic and/or geographic clusters
  • Scholarships to provide additional voting power to valuable community members
  • Embrace Layer 0, link off-chain credentials to on-chain reputation by socials
  • Small Groups connected by phone number
  • Clusters or Guilds are multiple small groups with similar practices and resources
  • Audits and pictures stored on chain as NFTs
  • Faster payment distribution after 500 tree rule
  • Social, natural, aggregate collateralization



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